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January 21


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HOLY SHIT hullloooooooooooo
I have not update my journal in like... 7 MONTHS?!?!??!?! oooopssss my badddd
I'd been meaning to update sometime but always forgot or was like MEH TOO LAZY XD;;;;;
SO if some of you didn't know already my Xbox 360 died back innn September I think? And I MISS IT TERRIBLY!!!! ; _ ; But I am hopefully going to get a new one like ASAP now because I WANT ONE BADLY!!! That is the 360 not the Xbox One.
So yeah hopefully that is happening soon and also that I ordered a Hero of Doom hoodie which should arrive soon toooo~!!! :3
I hope your guys' holidays were great!!! Mine was nice and spent it with family~~

Nothing else is really super happening..... OH YEAH Except that Roy (my Husbando from the Bawdies) GOT MARRIED TO HIS GIRLFRIEND!!! OMGGGGG like I have mixed feels about this because for one he is my husbando :C but at the same time EXTREMELY happy for him and Amo (his now wife) because omgggg!! But now he's not my husbando anymore he's Amo-chan's husbando!! XD

Oh yeah onto more like a more "serious" topic about myself and what I recently have decided to do...
Like most people who know me in real life know that I always wished I was a boy and stuff and have mostly male characters/mostly RP male characters etc. Well yeah I've thought about wanting to be a boy since I can remember but at the same time I liked being a girl and such, you know?
I've now come to make the decision to identify as a Genderfluid individual from this day forth!! I clearly wanted to be as such earlier on in life but I really didn't know the proper term for such a thing that I feel about myself.
^_^ I thought about this for a long time but now I am open to being identified as such. Oh yeah and just some info about being Genderfluid is like I don't feel I am only male or female, I feel both and some days I feel more like a boy and others a girl! So either male pronouns, or neutral pronouns are preferred, but female pronouns are also acceptable! So yeah keep calling me Retro/Tuna and stuff but I was thinking of a unisex name instead of using my real first name which is mostly feminine. Oh yeah, my mom obviously knows me wanting to be a boy and stuff because I talked about it with her many times (she even wishes she was a boy too XDD) but I've talked about the name "Ainsley" with her and how I wish I had that name because it is a unisex name and stuff.
The in replacement of my real birth name, I'd preferred to be called Ainsley! ^ u ^
(Pronounced: AENS-LEE) But continue to call me by my usual Retro or Tuna!!!!
I'm glad I finally found out what my true self is, it's a huge relief really~! :3

I'll try to remember to update again sooooon~ Toodle-loo~~~~

:typerhappy: IF YOU HAVEN'T CHECKED OUT ALREADY........ 
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「 レトロ 」Thanks Alice-chan for the Cronus~~~ :3
  • Mood: Relief
  • Listening to: Arctic Monkeys
  • Reading: "The Exorcist" and "A Clockwork Orange"
  • Watching: An Anime film
  • Playing: Donkey Kong Land
  • Eating: NOTHING
  • Drinking: HOT CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!
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Stsutswaye Jan 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey you, Ainsley. ^^ congrats on finding your true self!!
RetroNinja Jan 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much~ ^ _ ^
Stsutswaye Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh~! You are very very welcome. ;)
KayCTricky Jan 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Omg that's so wonderful i'm so proud and happy that you've figured out who you are <333 Ainsley is an amazing name holy shit
may i ask which gender neutral pronouns you'd prefer? fucking christ that name is really nice. Really it's so great jesus 
RetroNinja Jan 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank ya!!! 8D It's a huge like weight off of my shoulders!! For gender neutral pronouns using "they/them" and/or my nicknames and what stuff are accepted! ^ _ ^ I know it's super lovely and ah oh man~~
KayCTricky Jan 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
alrighty!! I'm here to support you in anything you do Tunes ;33 I'm totally ecstatic that you're so happy!! 
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